Experts in Business Management

Sales, Marketing, Customer Engagement

Team Management and Team Motivation

Over Four Decades of Collective Sales Expertise

Entrepreneurial Based Thinking

Expertise in Structured Selling Skills (UK based)

Time tested “Objective Based Typical Sales Day” Management

  • What we do
  • Our Experience
  • Our Expertise
  • Key Enablers
  • Deliverables

Understand current scenarios and processes

Fully outsourced Business/information management service provider

Help Transform Engagement to reduce costs and manage

where they are to

where you want to be

Help yield enhanced productivity

Increase Engagement with existing Accounts

Achieve Growth to maximize productivity, effectiveness and efficiency

Driven by a clear Activity = Result

Predictable outcome that is measurable

Deploy People, Process effectively for the desired results

Sales, Marketing, Customer Engagement

25 years of business/Sales Expertise in Print Domain

Entrepreneurial Based Thinking

Result Oriented Consultative Approach

Transparent Management by Objectives(MBO)

Business Process Re-engineering ( BPR)

Expertise in Strategic Marketing


Collective expertise on customer engagement programs in information management for about two decades

Wide ranging experience in Print, Digital Technologies, Sales & Marketing, Management , Corporate Transformational Skill

We provide a predictable outcome that is desirable to the growth of the business

Increases productivity and business effectiveness.


Activation of Existing Accounts

Target the best fit customers(location wise)

Focused Lead Generation activity

Customer Engagement

Uncovering the need

The Sales Process

Performance, Review and Planning ( PRP)


Structured Selling Approach

Key Account Entry & Management

Systems, Process and Progress

Sales cycle Management – Typical Day

Resource vs Return time spent on field

Motivate and Inspire the sales team

Increase Sales productivity