Corporate Sales Skilling

Do you want your sales teams to create a Change in your Approach to Customer Engagement?

Are they able to develop needs and convert them to business?
Want to know more:
In today’s Sales Scenario:

With the New Era Selling, the most common questions today in management ought to be:

Are sales opportunities moving quickly and surely through your pipeline?

Are sales cycles short?

How strong is the customer relationship?

How effective is the sales approach?

Difference between selling and marketing is blurring

Buyers tend to know more than sellers

Declining differentiation between products

Collecting Value and not just Creating Value

Buyer/Seller Relationship

82% Fail to differentiate themselves from competitors

Sales Call Planning

99% Do not set the right objectives for sales calls

Sales Presentation Skills

95% Talk too much and listen
too little

Gaining Commitment

62% Fail to earn the right to ask for commitment

Sales Questioning Skills

86% Ask the wrong question and miss opportunities

The Big Gap ?

It’s all in the
Selling Style

Our Transformation Skilling and Sales Enabler Program helps Middle level and Senior level sales personnel and Account Managers to unlearn old habits, learn new skills in a time tested structured manner to uncover needs and support clients to enable their buying decision.

Skill them, Enable to Transform and see the results in 90 days !

Gain the ability to engage with customers deeply, understand their needs in full and deliver outstanding value that will help you sustain a long term business with your clients.

The key part of our sales enabler program is to make sales people unlearn old habits, skill them on a very professionally structured sales approach.

The exclusive Professional Selling Skills Program for Today’s Changing Business Scenarios

What to Expect from the Professional Selling Skills Workshop:

  • Learn 10 Key Points:
  • Key Deliverables:

    A Fully Equipped with skills, tools and strategies they need to gain the competitive edge.

    Springboard to maximize sales skills, shorten sales cycles and close more business and a platform to create impressive results and a successful career

    Selling problems can be diagnosed

    Sales skill level can be measured , refined and enhanced with a structured selling approach that will help obtain commitment from clients.

    Know the difference from a Successful Sales call and an unsuccessful Call

    Make improvements in the next call with the skills mastered

    Through this, Sales Results can be accelerated multi-fold

    Every time sales people goes out for a call or looking at closing sales, they will be skilled to face any sales situation.

  • Our Flagship – Transformational Skilling Program